February 2021

Padma Bridge Final Span

Photo credit: MEBC

On a foggy morning in Bangladesh, the 41st and final span of the 6.15km Padma Multipurpose Bridge was installed on 10th December 2020. Works will now focus on completion of the precast concrete deck slabs.

The 41st steel truss span was installed on the 12th and 13th piers, at the northern end of the bridge, which will link Mongla, Bangladesh’s second major port to Dhaka, easing the capital city’s dependence on Chittagong. The bridge will be the longest in the country.

The bridge comprises 41 long steel truss spans, 12.7m deep with a 22m wide composite upper concrete deck to support a 4-lane highway and a lower level supporting a dual gauge railway line. The bridge will also carry major services such as a high-pressure gas pipeline and telecommunications facilities.

Rendel, in association with BCL Associates Ltd, Padeco Co. Ltd and Katahira & Engineers International, has been providing Management Support Consultancy (MSC) to the Bangladesh Bridge Authority since 2016. Rendel also carried out the initial pre-feasibility study in 1999.